An HD video animation displaying a portrait exposing, confronting, and forecasting environmental and societal decay. A generic glass house is viewed spinning through myriad cycles inherent in the causal effects of erratic global warming weather, political divisiveness, and the ever-expanding intolerance of differences. Blurring edges between solid and fictive space questions the real-to-reel while shattering expectations of norms into particles of dust. Viewers are lulled and suddenly tossed between calm and brutal disturbances by interventions that shatter and assault psychological, physical, and auditory space, enhancing awareness for finding options to re-build matter leveling the slant of this uphill battleground.

Created by Nina Yankowitz (USA)
Software: Autodesk 3ds Max, Adobe After Effects, Mental Ray Renderer, Pro res422, QuickTime Pro, Final Cut Pro, GarageBand.