The video explores medical students’ drawings of the female reproductive system, employing the anatomical drawings created by 63 first-year medical students in the Plymouth University Peninsula Schools of Medicine and Dentistry. It considers the drawings as part of a ritual of becoming a doctor, taboo-like topic related to sex, as well as self-portraits of the female students creating the images. The images are “diagnosed” in the voice-over from two different perspectives. The drawings are discussed with a medical doctor and an art historian. In these dialogues, the images gain an ambivalent status as a medical, cultural, or personal representation. Furthermore, the piece thus stages this (audiovisual) cultural-emotional analysis of the students’ drawings. In actuality, next to the drawings the video investigates the students behind them.

Created by Kaisu Koski (Finland/Netherlands)
Software: Adobe PS, Camtasia, Adobe Pr / imac, HD cam, ZOOM audio recorder, Wacom XL