Horribile Pictu is a project dealing with Hungarian politics. Since the parlamentary elections of 2010 Hungary has an autocratic government which spends considerable money on the construction of their image, kind of a rosy picture about Hungary’s glorious days enjoyed by its citizens under its government’s rule. The image of Hungarian reality is also expressed through photographes accompanied by English captions published day by they on a website dedicated to reach international audiences. The website’s name is “Hungary Matters” and each picture is called “Photo of the Day”.

The video submitted, called “Horribile Pictu 1” is the first of a series which are born out of my desire to correct some of these pictures. “Horribile Pictu 1” not only wears the traces of the picture captioned: “Representatives of Austria, Hungary and Slovakia mark anniversary of Iron Curtain fall in Sopron”, but it actually shows how those traces are made.

Created by Szacsva y Pal.