The Digital Arts Community Committee of ACM SIGGRAPH is deeply indebted to Kathy Rae Huffman and her hard-working committee and advisors for producing “Enhanced Vision – Digital Video.” With this on-line exhibition, we hope to broaden the vital dialogue that is the core of our extensive community of artists, developers, and practitioners of computer graphics and digital imaging.

“Enhanced Vision — Digital Video” highlights the astounding creative work of artists who are crossing the divide, or rather multiple divides. These are artists expanding capabilities of digital tools to bridge gaps that developers might not even know existed – the divide between documentary realism and artist mediated vision, the divide between the real and the imagined, the divide between common experience and the impossible. The artists in “Enhanced Vision – Digital Video” combine ideas, as easily as they combine tools. They create commentary through juxtaposition, and they invent new ways to use software and hardware in combination with extraordinary personal aesthetics to render techniques that should be of interest to all members of our community, from the developers who first envisioned the tools to the artists who are exploring parallel concepts.

This is the reason why creative artists and inventive computer scientists come together in our organization: to share the best of what digital imaging might be.

We are pleased to be able to share this exhibition with our community and on the Internet, where the broader public can enjoy the work and reflect on how digital imaging has transformed the tradition of experimental moving imagery. The realization of this exhibition was a wonderful group effort. The Digital Arts Community is growing in both numbers and conceptual exploration. Thanks to everyone involved, and we welcome you to join us at:

Cynthia Beth Rubin
Chair, ACM SIGGRAPH Digital Arts Community Committee

ACM SIGGRAPH Digital Arts Community Committee
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Sue Gollifer Jim Demmers Bonnie Mitchell
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Website Design and Execution
Jim Demmers
Kristy Barkan, Project Manager, ACM SIGGRAPH.
Ken Bauer, System Administrator, ACM SIGGRAPH.
Deborah Cotton, Copyright Permission Coordinator, ACM.
Jim Kilmer and the ACM SIGGRAPH Information System (SIS) team.
Stephen N. Spencer, Publications, ACM SIGGRAPH.
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Jeff Jortner, President of ACM SIGGRAPH.
Print design by Tanya Balderas, C. A. MacFinn, and Nick Ostrander.
Enhanced Vision – Digital Video
An international committee of video and software specialists reviewed hundreds of works submitted online, and agreed upon 30 video art works for inclusion and exhibition online.
Exhibition Committee:
Kathy Rae Huffman – exhibition committee chair and independent curator based in Southern California.
Amy Alexander – new media, audiovisual, and performance artist, Associate Professor of Visual Arts, University of California at San Diego.
Nancy Buchanan – artist, retired film video faculty, California Institute for the Arts.
Elizabeth Leister – artist and fine arts faculty, California State University Channel Islands, Computer Graphics.
Astra Price – artist, publisher, and film/video faculty, California Institute for the Arts.
International Curatorial Advisors:
Margarita Dorvoska – independent curator, Sofia.
Viktor Neuman – independent curator specializing in video, Berlin.
Maria Pallier – producer/director “Metropolis,” culture program for Spanish Television, Madrid.
Arghyro Paouri – video and computer graphics specialist at POUCHET, Unite Propere de Services d’appui et d’accompagnement a la recherché, Paris.
Olaf Stueber – co-director ‘Video Art at Midnight’ and producer of digital video editions, Berlin.
Frank Wollenberg – designer and project entrepreneur, Osnabruck.