366 is the number of confirmed drowned-at-sea deaths as a 20 meter long fishing boat with 518 people, most of them from Somalia and Eritrea, got into distress about 550 meters off the Lampedusa coastline in the Mediterranean on October 3rd 2013. The work 366 is an interpretation of the event, filmed in a bathtub with a toy coast guard boat. The sound track is made out of news flash reports on the events at Lampedusa, all reporters speaking at once and the sound fading down as the boat sinks. An allegory on how the media works in the aftermath of a disaster. Border politics of the European Union and Italy were discussed as it is thought that many more could have been rescued. But at the same time as politicians say that this should not happen again, it is actually happening every day.

Created by Fellice Hapetzeder (Sweden)
Software: Final Cut Pro, ProRes HQ from Atomos Ninja, jDownloader, Magic Bullet Suite / Atomos Ninja 2, Canon Cinema EOS C100, Macbook Pro.